Refugee Health


The Health Department in collaboration with the Maryland Department of Health, provides a comprehensive health assessment, screenings and follow-up care to federally determined and State referred Refugees, Asylees, Parolees, and other immigrants.


Why should I get a a health assessment?

  • It is free for refugees & asylees.
  • To identify health problems & receive treatment
  • Prevent the spread of sickness to others
  • Immunizations from the health assessment will be needed to adjust residency status and get a Green Card
    Schools require immunizations

When should I get the health assessment?

  • As soon as possible, you may have to wait a few weeks for an appointment
  • Preferably within 90 days after arriving in the US or after being granted asylum

What should I expect from the health assessment?

  • A complete health assessment will usually involve 2-3 appointments
  • The doctor/nurse will review your medical history
  • A physical exam, which may include taking your height/weight, blood pressure, vision, hearing, oral health, blood test, and pregnancy test (women)
  • Screening for TB, blood lead level (children), hepatitis B, sexually transmitted infections (adults), and intestinal parasites
  • Document immunization history and provide immunizations
  • The doctor or nurse will discuss your test results with you
  • Treatment for tuberculosis if needed
  • Referrals to other medical providers if health conditions are identified

If I cannot speak English, how will I understand the doctor or nurse?

  • The Health Department or Provider should use Language Line (phone interpreting service) or someone on staff that can speak your language.

What should I bring with me to the health assessment?

  • Identification, such as I-94, asylum approval letter
  • Bring your overseas medical examination papers and chest x-rays if available

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