COordinator special programs health services iii, mental health (apply by august 11, 2022 by 11:59:00 pm)

The main purpose of this position is to provide a variety of complex administrative duties demanding a comprehensive knowledge of the State Homeless Solutions Program (HSP) Policy regulations. Maintain knowledge of all eligible services under HSP including outreach, shelter, rapid re-housing and prevention. Receive monthly invoices from HSP sub-recipients and review against HSP Policy Guide to ensure all expenditures are eligible. This position requires the ability to handle situations and problems independently. If issues are identified in the submitted expenditures, this individual must work with the sub-recipients to correct the re-submission, maintain contact with Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) staff to resolve questions around eligible services and resolve invoice issues. This program is a regional HUD funded programs that is managed by the Somerset County Health Department to plan and coordinate the resources available to assist homeless and at risk of homeless individuals and families in Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties. This position also is to supervise and assist the worker employed to coordinate the evaluation, planning and monitoring of behavioral health services provided by psychiatrist, psychologists, social workers, professional therapist and nurses in Somerset County in order to insure the provision of individuals and community intervention, prevention, and education in the area of behavioral health. Offer oversight of service delivery and assist Director in managing service utilization for Somerset County Consumers of Public Mental Health and Behavioral Health Authority. This position is designated emergency essential.

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COMMUNITY HEALTH outreach worker i (apply by august 11, 2022 by 11:59:00 pm)

This full-time contractual position will support COVID-19 related prevention and screening activities serving the residents of Somerset County. The position will learn to provide various COVID-19 vaccination and testing clinic and hotline duties and learn to visit targeted communities and organizations to encourage COVID-19 program participation with health and prevention information. The position will also assist in preparing and assembling materials for health education and promotion. Some evenings and weekends are required. The desired candidate should have experience with flexibility, a willingness to learn and be people-oriented.

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COMMUNITY HEALTH nurse PROGRAM SUPERVISOR (REPOST) (apply by august 11, 2022 by 11:59:00 pm)

The main purpose of this position is to plan, develop and supervise programs/services in the Community Health Department and supervise community health nurses and other professional staff. Current programs supervised by this position include, but are not limited to: Cancer, Employee Health, Migrant Health and HIV in addition to COVID response activities as needed. This position is considered ESSENTIAL and must be available to report to work during an emergency or catastrophic event.

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