(Westover, MD)  The Somerset County Health Department has received its first shipment of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and begun administering the vaccines according to the State of Maryland’s vaccination plan. The State of Maryland’s COVID-19 vaccination plan outlines how the vaccine will be distributed throughout the state in the following four phases.          

Phase 1A: All healthcare workers, first responders including career, volunteer, and commercial EMS professionals, firefighters, police officers, correctional officers, and 911 dispatchers, correctional health care staff, front line judiciary staff

Phase 1B: Assisted living, group homes and other congregate facilities, government staff, education (k-12 and daycare faculty and staff, adults over age 75.

Phase 1C:  Adults age 65-74, public safety not included in Phase 1A, Public health workers not included in Phase 1A, food and agriculture production, manufacturing, postal service workers, public transit, and grocery employees.

Phase 2:  Adults 16-64 at increased risk due to comorbidities, incarcerated adults, essential workers in critical utilities, transportation, logistics, infrastructure.  

Phase 3: General population

Last week the health department began vaccinating only those in Phase 1A. If you are in one of the Phase 1A categories and wish to be vaccinated, please send an email to [email protected]  You will be asked to bring the following with you on the day of your vaccination to verify your eligibility:

  • Proof of employment – an employee badge or proof of your employment on company or agency letterhead.
  • Proof of licensure from a Maryland health care board (ex. Nursing license, CNA license, dental license, etc.)

For information on COVID-19, visit the Maryland Department of Health’s covid page at https://covidlink.maryland.gov  or the Somerset County Health Department’s website at www.somersethealth.org. Follow the health department on social media’s Facebook (@somersethealth), Instagram (Somersethealthmd) and Twitter (@somersethdmd) accounts.

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