No one is denied services from the Somerset County Health Department due to their inability to pay for services.  All programs conducted by the Somerset County Health Department are provided without regard to race, age, sex, marital status, national origin, political or religious opinion or affiliation, or because of physical and/or mental handicap.

Somerset County Health Department’s charges for services rendered are approved by the Maryland Department of Health and are subject to the Federal Poverty Guidelines Sliding Scale Fee.  Financial information must be presented (pay stubs, etc.) to assist with this process.  Payment is expected at time of service.  If you have extenuating circumstances you may apply for a payment plan.  Any charges unpaid at time of service will be billed to you on a monthly basis.

The Somerset County Health Department participates with Carefirst and United Healthcare.  We are a non-participating provider with all other insurance companies.  We may bill your insurance company as a courtesy and will accept assignment of payments.  Client is responsible for any co-insurance or co-payments that are part of your insurance policy.  Please be familiar with your insurance policy and terms of coverage since each policy is different.

The Somerset County Health Department does not participate with Medicare and will not bill Medicare for any services rendered (except for flu and pneumonia vaccines).  If you are a Medicare beneficiary and you choose to receive services at Somerset County Health Department, you will be responsible for all charges associated with your services.

For questions regarding insurance and billing, please contact the Billing Office at 443-523-1804 during normal business hours.

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