Targeted Case Management

The Somerset County Targeted Case Management contracts out to Wraparound MD, Inc. to provide services to individuals with a mental illness that requires assistance to enable them to remain in the community.

· Home and Community Visits
· Client Advocacy
· Individualized Service Planning
· HUD CoC Permanent Supportive Housing
· Homeless Services

For Referrals Contact:
Wraparound Maryland, Inc.

**Individuals must have been evaluated and met the criteria for a DSM V TR manual psychiatric diagnosis.


Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)

The PATH program is designed to support the outreach, engagement, and delivery of services to eligible persons who are homeless and have serious mental illnesses and/or co-occurring substance use disorder with a particular emphasis on:

· persons most in need of services and/or engagement by an Outreach Worker;
· services that are not supported by mainstream mental health programs.

For Referrals Contact:

State Care Coordinator

The State Care Coordinator manages the care of high-risk individuals placed in residential treatment. The care coordinator works closely with private providers in Somerset County to ensure the timely placement of clients who need higher levels of care than are currently available locally. Private providers refer clients to residential levels of care via the care coordinator, who reviews each case and requests placement. The care coordinator maintains enhanced contact with clients throughout their stay in the residential treatment facilities to support their recovery and to avoid a break in treatment.

For Referrals Contact:
Somerset County Wellness and Recovery Center

For more information regarding State Care Coordination, please click here. 

Peer Support Specialist

Trained peer recovery specialists provide support services for individuals with substance use diagnoses and their families. Peer recovery specialists act as educators, mentors, and advocates for individuals in recovery. They guide and support individuals working toward or engaged in long-term recovery from an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. They provide clients with an array of supportive services including one-on-one peer connections, groups, systems navigation, and transportation, and perform outreach and education, helping to reduce stigma in the community.

For Referrals Contact:
Peer Support Recovery Specialists/ Somerset County Wellness and Recovery Center


Re-Entry Coordinator

The re-entry Coordinator ensures continuity of services to the substance-abusing incarcerated population who are re-entering the community. Coordinator assists individuals with linkages for Opioid treatment, primary care, ongoing case management, and basic physical, financial, social, and personal needs. Re-entry services for the client include outreach, substance abuse assessments, needs assessments, treatment planning, service provider linkage, monitoring, advocacy, counseling, crisis intervention, daily living support, medication supervision, and similar functions. Some functions of this position will occur within local correctional facilities.

For Referrals Contact:
Somerset County Wellness and Recovery Center

Re-Entry Admission Form

For more information on Re-Entry, click here.

The Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Team (START) Program

START is a child welfare program for families with co-occurring substance use and child maltreatment delivered in an integrated manner with local addiction treatment services. START pairs Child Protective Services (CPS) workers trained in family engagement with FPS Family Mentors (Peer Support Specialists, who are in long term recovery and have had their own child protective services case as part of their life experience) using a system-of-care and team decision-making approach with families, treatment providers, and the courts. Essential elements of the START model include quick entry into START services to safely maintain child placement in the home when possible, and rapid access to intensive addiction/mental health assessment and treatment. Each START CPS worker-mentor has a capped caseload, allowing the team to work intensively with families, engaging them in individualized wrap-around services, and identifying natural supports to increase child safety, permanency, and parental sobriety and capacity.

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