Westover, Md. – This past September, the Somerset County Health Department began a new evidence-based weight loss, nutrition, and physical activity program for women and children called ‘SCALE (Sustainable Change and Lifestyle Enhancement) for Families’. This past week, the core group of ten local women gathered for a one month follow-up session. Collectively, the group has shed 71 lbs. by adopting realistic goals and changing their eating and physical activity behaviors. Eight of the women dropped seven pounds or more.

“I am so thrilled for these ladies” states Sharon Lynch, Somerset County Health Department’s group facilitator. “They have worked hard to move the scale. Many have reported their clothes are fitting better, are exercising daily, and involving their families in their journey. And it is not just a physical transformation but a psychological win for some of these women who have struggled with their weight for years. One of the ladies reports she can now stand for fifteen minutes without her legs hurting or knees shaking.  SCALE works!” 

SCALE is a replication of a successful program began in West Virginia by the West Virginia Right, Inc. a local health system there. In a group setting, health coaches guide participants through healthy eating and physical activity education and activities which include group discussion, special group exercise, interactive cooking demonstrations, grocery store tours, and weekly weigh-ins. The program locally is funded by the Maryland Community Health and Resources Commission from a grant received last spring. 

A new session starts February 4 in Princess Anne at 5:30pm. A session will also be held in Salisbury beginning Feb. 6. The free program is open to women ages 18 to 55, and their children ages 7 to17. Children will enjoy their own separate healthy eating and physical activity program. 

Advance sign-up is required. Please call (443) 523-1700. 




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