Westover, Md. – Once again we are faced with extremely cold temperatures starting tomorrow (1/30/19) and extending into Thursday (1/31/19). Temperatures will drop into the negatives and single digits for many areas of the state making cold-related illness a threat. Take precautions to prevent cold-related illness by knowing who is at higher risk and how to recognize the signs and symptoms of hypothermia and frostbite at https://preparedness.health.maryland.gov/Documents/ColdWxHealthIssues.pdf.

 Health Officer Lori Brewster encourages residents to use these warm weather dressing tips if you must go outside. These are especially important for children at the bus stop and those who work outside.

  • Wear a base layer and an insulating layer of clothes
  • Wear a windproof and water-resistant outer layer and zip or button it up
  • Wear tights or long underwear
  • Wear mittens or gloves
  • Wear thick socks and toe covered shoes with a tread to prevent you from slipping
  • Protect your eyes, lips, skin, neck, and face by covering them with a scarf.

Protecting yourself indoors is important as well:  

  • Keep fireplaces and wood-burning stoves clean
  • Provide plenty of room around all heaters
  • Never leave space heaters on while unattended
  • Ensure smoke and carbon dioxide detectors are operating properly
  • Check on older adults and neighbors and relatives with disabilities
  • Store several days’ worth of non-perishable food and bottled water
  • Ensure you have several days’ worth of medications available

And as always, please bring pets indoors. If you cannot bring your pet inside, make sure they have fresh, unfrozen water to drink and a shelter with adequate warmth. 

For more tips go to https://www.cdc.gov/disasters/winter/staysafe/index.html, somersethealth.org or follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/somersethd.



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