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SCALE For women

‘SCALE (Sustainable Change and Lifestyle Enhancement) for Families’ is our newest program for women and children. This free evidenced-based weight loss, nutrition, and physical activity program is for women ages 18 to 55. In a group setting, health coaches will guide participants through healthy eating and physical activity education and activities to achieve sustained weight loss and healthy lifestyle habits. The program will also include special group exercise, cooking demonstrations, grocery store tours, and more. 

For More Information, Contact:
Somerset County Health Department 

For more information regarding SCALE For Women, please click here.

Diabetes Prevention Program 

The National Diabetes Prevention Program returns to Somerset County. The free program includes 16 weekly sessions followed by 6 months of follow-up sessions with a health coach. Successful participants can expect to lose at least 5% of their body weight and reduce their risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases. Learn how to eat better, plan healthy meals, increase physical activity and manage weight loss. Registration is required. 

For More Information, Contact:
Somerset County Health Department 

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Helpful Links & Information About Diabetes Prevention


Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a national movement focused on addressing safety concerns so that children can walk and bike safely to school.  Whereas about half of all American children walked or biked to school in 1969, that number has fallen to less than 15%, according to current estimates. By implementing SRTS Programs, schools and communities can create safer streets, increase student physical activity and health, and improve academic achievement.

With technical assistance from America Walks, Somerset County Health Dept. is partnering with the Somerset County Schools and local agencies to coordinate walk-to-school events, traffic calming “pop-up” projects, a public participation survey, and creation of the Somerset County SRTS Plan.


“Three Golden Rules” of walking to school:

  1. WALK (don’t run)
  2. Stay on the Sidewalk 
  3. Walk Sensibly (no shoving, pushing, jumping on one another, etc.)

SRTS Resources


healthy Somerset garden project 

pic of vegetables, a tote bag and recipe sheet

The Somerset County Health Department has received a grant from the Maryland Health Resource Commission since 2014 to address childhood and family obesity in Somerset County. One aspect of the grant project was to promote food security. Thus, in partnership with the Eastern Correctional Institute, an inmate garden was established to provide locally grown and organic fruits and vegetables. Thanks to ECI and various community partners more than 42,800 pounds of fresh produce have been given to families in need throughout the county.




healthy Somerset recipes

A healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition. It protects you against many chronic noncommunicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Eating a variety of foods and consuming less salt, sugars and saturated and industrially-produced trans-fats, are essential for healthy diet. Check out some of these nutritious and delicious recipes: 

stuffed peppers, oven roasted veggies,  cucumber salad

zucchini bites, mac n cheese with broccoli, zucchini lasagna 

cool melon slushie, Squash pasta salad, beef and cabbage 

eggplant parmesan, Fried Cabbage, Roasted Asparagus & tomatoes  

harvest fajitas, chicken packets, carrot and oatmeal cookies

crunchy vegetable wrap, apple cranberry salad toss, mustard greens 

roasted radishes, Squash quick bread, creamy butternut squash pasta 

Balsamic roasted beets, south of the border salad, pumpkin oatmeal energy balls 

peach salsa, spinach salad, Watermelon sorbet 

Nappa cabbage slaw, green bean saute, zucchini apple fritters 

mexican veggie bake, Summer squash Medley, crispy zucchini sticks 

mediterranean chickpea salad, beef taco salad 

peppered steak, kale stuffed mushrooms

cantaloupe salad, garlic green beans, peanut butter banana smoothie  


The Brightside: Healthy Somerset Garden Project

July 16, 2019 by Dani Bozzini

You can read the original article here.


delmarvanow: Feeding local families, ECI inmates grow thousands of pounds of organic produce each year

June 5, 2021; Rose Velazquez, Salisbury Daily Times

Read the original story here

Physical Activity in Somerset County

Trail Mix logo

Get out and explore Somerset County on some of the most unique trails on the Eastern Shore. With the Somerset County’s Original Trail Mix you can find the best places across the county to be active! From walking, hiking, biking, or paddling, there is always

something to explore. For more information check out the official Trail Mix website at or download the Trail Mix app to get all the info at your fingertips. It’s free on Android or Apple devices. Follow us on Facebook at ‘Somerset County Original Trail Mix’. 

Explore the Lower Eastern SHore along 43 marked trails. Follow link for a detailed map. 

# Walk Somerset

Walk somerset logo which is the text in black and blue Walk Somerset is a coalition of community organizers and leaders advocating to improve walking opportunities and walkability in Somerset County. Coalition partners include Somerset County Recreation & Parks, Somerset County Tourism, Judy Center Partnership, Somerset County Public Works, Main Street Princess Anne, and other local community members. The #WalkSomerset initiative was created to encourage people to start walks in their own neighborhoods with friends, family, and co-workers. To share your walks in Somerset County, or to find out about upcoming events, check out the Walk Somerset Facebook page. Make sure to share using   ‘#WalkSomersetMD’!

nutrition tips: myplate, my wins: What’s your healthy eating style? 

Eating healthy is important. The food and drink choices you make can help you be healthier now or in the future. It’s more than just eating one healthy meal or healthy snack. Your food choices add up and they all matter. Watch the video below to find out your healthy eating style. 

nutrition tips: Why you should pack a balanced bag luncH? 

You can (1) save money by opting for a bagged lunch rather than a trip to a fast food restaurant or convenience store and you can (2) make more nutritious decisions by controlling your portion sizes, calories, and fat intake. 

For more information on building a balanced bag lunch, click here. 

nutrition tips: why water? 

Drinking water is a great, calorie-free way to satisfy your thirst, but you don’t have to rely on it to get your fluid needs. The foods you eat provide about 20% of your daily water intake and the rest comes from water and other beverages. 

For more information on why drinking water is important, click here. 

nutrition tips: compare nurition facts labels to find the lowest sugar content

Americans on average consume about 22-28 tablespoons of added sugar each day. Added sugars don’t occur naturally in foods, they add calories, and are often missing extra nutrients. 

For more information on watching out for added sugars, click here. 

nutrition tips: practice mindful eating

Mindful eating is about giving your full attention to the food you eat. Eating mindfully means listening to the hunger cues your body sends and eating only until you’re satisfied. 

For more information on mindful eating, click here. 

nutrition tips: manage diabetes with healthy eating 

There are many tips you can follow for healthy eating with diabetes. Healthy eating can actually help manage your blood glucose levels. 

For more information on healthy eating with diabetes, click here. 


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