AERS provides assistance to aged and functionally disabled adults who are at risk of institutionalization. AERS staff conducts a comprehensive evaluation to identify services available to help the individual to remain in the community, or in the least restrictive environment, while functioning at the highest possible level of independence and personal well-being.

How does AERS help?
AERS Teams provide the individual with a comprehensive evaluation, including medical/nursing, environmental and psychosocial assessments. The evaluation is conducted in the home setting or the individual’s current location. Upon completion of the evaluation, the multidisciplinary team develops a plan of care which recommends services needed to help the individual remain at home, or in the least restrictive environment. Every effort is made to obtain appropriate services to address the needs of each individual evaluated.

Other Resources:

Administrative Care Coordination / Ombudsman Program

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Reproductive Health – Family Planning; Pregnancy Testing; STI Services

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