hiv 101: 

what is hiv? 

  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system. Taking HIV medications does not prevent transmission of other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Condoms can help protect against other STIs. 

how can i reduce my risk of hiv? 

  • Use condoms when engaging in sexual activity 
  • Ensure that your partners, who are living with HIV, are taking treatment
  • Use medications (like PrEP) to prevent getting HIV if you have ongoing risk, including during pregnancy 
  • Use sterile needles and syringes for all injections 
  • Get tested for sexually transmitted infections. We offer reproductive health services (like STI testing) every Thursday. Appointment required. Call 443-523-1700 to schedule. 

what we do: 

hiv/aids education: 

Public presentations are given upon request to community agencies including schools, churches, social organizations, and businesses. The Health Department regularly participates in community health fairs as a means to provide outreach. HIV information is provided regularly through our Substance Abuse, Family Planning, Healthy Start and Sexually Transmitted Infection programs.

hiv/aids counseling & testing: 

HIV rapid testing is available for eligible clients. Anonymous and confidential testing is offered to the public at no charge. Appointments are encouraged but walk-ins are accommodated whenever possible. Each client receives client-centered pretest counseling to promote behavior change to prevent infection, or if infected, to prevent transmission to others. All clients who test positive are referred and assisted in accessing HIV specialty medical care, partner notification and referral services, case management, and any other available supportive service.

hiv/aids case management and support:

Medical and/or non-medical case management services are available to all HIV infected clients in Somerset County. Medical case management is a collaborative, ongoing process that assists clients in gaining timely and coordinated access to medical care, psychosocial, and other supportive services as needed. Non-medical case management provides assistance in accessing appropriate services on an as-need basis without regular follow-up. Referrals are accepted from providers or patients themselves.

hiv/aids case seropositive clinic: 

The Health Department hosts a monthly clinic to provide HIV specialty medical care. Services are provided by Chase Brexton Health Services, Inc. Fees are based on a sliding scale for non-insured clients. Private clinicians may refer clients for consultation as needed. Residency in Somerset County is not required.


For more information on our HIV/AIDS services, call 443-523-1700. 

Administrative Care Coordination / Ombudsman Program

443-523-1700 Administrative Care Coordination/Ombudsman Program This program provides education and outreach to Medical Assistance (MA) recipients to increase awareness of Medical Assistance Programs. Assists beneficiaries to navigate the Medicaid/HealthChoice Program Serves as a resource for beneficiaries and providers Helps beneficiaries to understand and utilize their Medicaid benefits Educates on the importance of preventive health care…

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Reproductive Health – Family Planning; Pregnancy Testing; STI Services

Somerset County Health Department offers a variety of reproductive health services to teens and women of childbearing age, as well as males. Routine GYN exams Screening for cervical cancer (pap smear) Screening for sexually transmitted infections, including testing for HIV Variety of birth control methods, information and education Pregnancy testing, counseling, and referral to community…

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