Animal Rabies clinics are offered at several locations in the Spring and in the Fall to provide for the economical vaccination of dogs, cats, and ferrets.

For animals to receive a 3 year vaccination, please present a current vaccination certificate.

Otherwise, all shots will be for 1 year only.

In Maryland, all dogs, cats, and ferrets must be vaccinated against rabies before 4 months of age.

Call 443-523-1700 for more information. 



Rabies continues in Somerset County and a vaccination is your pet’s only protection from the virus.

If you have any questions or concerns, call our office at the number on the top of this page.

Be Responsible,Spay or neuter, Vaccinate and Protect your pets

Animal Bite and Rabies Information

Any animal bite, whether animal to human, or animal to animal, is a potential rabies exposure. All potential exposures should be reported to the local Health Department as soon as possible. Our Environmental staff works closely with Communicable Disease nurses for clinical investigation of potential human exposures. To report a Somerset County incident, call Environmental Health section at the Somerset Co. Health Dept. during normal working hours. After hours, and on weekends or holidays, call the on-call phone at 443-859-4419. There is always a member of the Environmental staff on-call to provide consultation relating to a possible rabies exposure.

Animal Bite Form Link to Word document

Rabies Facts

Maryland Department of the Environment & Maryland Department of Health Appeals Processes

THE maryland department of the environment Appeal Process for Well, On-Site Sewage Disposal, Subdivision, and Shared Facility Decisions  The Administrative Procedure Act (Title 10, Subtitle 2 of the State Government Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland) sets forth the procedures for appealing a final decision issued by MDE or an Approving Authority regarding the…

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