This is a State program that provides funding to replace existing septic tanks with nitrogen-reducing technology that will reduce the amount of harmful nutrients discharged through septic systems into the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

For more information regarding the Bay restoration funds and guidelines visit Maryland Department of the Environment http://www.mde.maryland.gov

Fees, Licenses, Permits & Applications

443-523-1700 The highlighted applications are available for download or print  Somerset Co. Environmental Health Fees & Applications Burn application required for open burning – $75.00 Complaint-Report-8-28-19 Camp-Permit-Application-8-28-19 – $200.00 Food-Service-Application-1-2-8-28-19 Category 1 and 2 – $300.00 Food-Service-Application-3-8-28-19 Category 3 – $175.00 MobileFoodEstablishmentPacket Mobile-Reciprocity-Food-License-8-29-19 Temp-Food-Service-App-8-29-19 – $100.00 Food-Establishment-Plan-Review-Application-8-29-19 – $250.00 Land Evaluation and Perc Test application,…

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