Image with 3 pictures - preparedness checklist and red pen, emergency kit, and computer screen

Work on this part of your plan during September & October

  • Everyone over six months old should get an annual flu vaccine
  • Learn how to prevent spread of communicable diseases by visiting for fact sheets (hand washing, respiratory etiquette, stay home when sick, stay 6 ft. from someone coughing)
  • Check your supplies for taking care of sick persons as supplies could be limited during a pandemic flu event and or weather events in which transportation is disrupted (tissues, hand sanitizer, fever reducing medications, thermometer, and surface cleaners)
  • Be proactive in your community to prevent flu spread by encouraging mitigation strategies at social gatherings
  • Check batteries in your smoke detector and replace unit every 10 years
  • Review your family evacuation plan including where to assemble outside in the event of a fire at home.
  • Review your workplace evacuation plan.
  • Visit for Fire prevention tips

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