Image with 3 pictures - preparedness checklist and red pen, emergency kit, and computer screen

Work on this part of your plan during May & June

  • Plan to have plenty of fluids on hand to keep your family well hydrated
  • Replace filters in air conditioning units and have serviced if needed
  • Install ceiling fans to help circulate air conditioned “cooled air” to save on electric consumption
  • Ensure you can pull shades to keep rooms cooler during extreme daytime heat
  • Prepare for power outages:
    • stock up on bottled water supply
    • check battery supply
    • place gallon bags of water in freezer to help keep food frozen longer during power outages
  • Know your county’s plans for cooled spaces during extreme heat waves in case you lose air conditioning capability
  • Wear lightweight, light-colored, and loose fitting clothing
  • Schedule outdoor events for early morning or evening and avoid sun exposure in midday
  • Check on neighbors and ensure they too have plans for “staying cool”
  • Visit sponsored by USDA Forest Service website for outdoor safety tips
  • Visit the website to learn more about signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke

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