Image with 3 pictures - preparedness checklist and red pen, emergency kit, and computer screen

Work on this part of your plan during November & December or before the cold weather hits

  • Check emergency kits for humans and pets
  • Purchase a NOAA weather radio to monitor conditions
  • Learn the difference between advisory, watch, and warning for winter weather forecasts
  • Avoid unnecessary travel in winter weather and if travel is unavoidable pack your car with supplies necessary if you become stranded (blanket, water, food, first aid kit
  • Maintain heating equipment, including annual chimney inspection and cleaning
  • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning by only using vented heat sources and never use grills or generators indoors
  • Purchase rock salt or bagged sand for placement on frozen sidewalks to prevent falls
  • Use caution if considering to shovel snow if you lead a sedentary lifestyle or have a heart condition
  • Keep car gas tank over ½ tank at all times and as full as possible for predicted bad weather
  • Bring pets inside during freezing weather
  • Learn about tips to prevent frostbite, best practices for snow removal by visiting a winter checklist at

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