Image with 3 pictures:  emergency preparedness kit, computer screen and printed checklist with red marker

Work on this part of your plan during January & February!

  • Make or review your plans for where and how your family will be cared for if you are at work during an emergency
  • Check your shelter-in-place supplies at work and home
  • Establish or update your contact information and post near phones at work and home
  • Enter “ICE” (in case of emergency) contact information into your cell phone
  • Consider purchasing a First Aid Kit and a NOAA Weather Radio
  • Learn more about your community resources through local agencies
    • Emergency Management
    • Public Health
    • Department of Social Services
    • American Red Cross
    • Humane Society
  • Visit
  • Learn more about how it is possible to register online during disasters to let your family and friends know about your welfare. If you have no internet, call 1-866-GET-INFO

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